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ProTune App Removal: The Dirty Secret and the Consequences.

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The removal of ProTune without any forewarning has put my business and livelihood in jeopardy.

I have looked all over for a "why" and it like some "Dirty Secret" that they are trying to dissuade you from finding while trying to distract you with verbiage like "continuing to develop new features and ways of accessing existing camera settings to be most useful to GoPro users" and pointing you the the same page that either solves nothing or [at very best] increases your workflow exponentially.

I NEED to know will ProTune be returning and if so, when?

Please get back to me with that info, even if the info is "It's not coming back" so I can find another solution.

Please do not point me to the following page again as you will read in the transcript it has no value to me:

Please answer the question guys... I am desperate and am begging. My business and families livelihood is dependent on me making a decisive decision to move forward as prudently as possible and ditching the 2 Hero9 Black's I just bought would be quite a hit to me and my small business ESPECIALLY during these times where we are all just trying to stay afloat. 

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:19:40 PM): Thank you for contacting GoPro! My name is Edna, how can I help you today?

Me (1/27/2021, 5:20:07 PM): I have 2 Hero 9 Black's to support my core business, but I am now 100% dead in the water with the removal of ProTune to the app. The 3 workarounds will not work for me. I just need to know will ProTune be coming back?

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:21:41 PM): Hello Robbie, thanks for chatting in.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:22:11 PM): I am sorry to hear about that, checking to see if I can get an update about it.

Me (1/27/2021, 5:24:09 PM): Thank you... I appreciate you looking into it. As I stated, there are workarounds listed on your site, but none of them will work for my current production situation.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:26:19 PM): You are very much welcome, Robbie.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:27:07 PM): Thanks for waiting, per checking, you need to use The Remote to make it work. Please check this link for more info.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:27:24 PM): There is no update as of yet aside from using a remote.

Me (1/27/2021, 5:31:06 PM): That was the page that I was looking that that won't work. It is my understanding that the remote will NOT control the ProTune, but will go through presets. This will not work for me.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:32:08 PM): I am sorry if that will not work for you but, there is no update as of the moment. We will continue to update if there is any changes about the Pro Tune.

Me (1/27/2021, 5:32:59 PM): This was removed without warning and without a proper workaround. I know that you are just here to help and support, but is there somewhere else I can raise this concern to? I know the web is blowing up about this, but in the meantime, I am stuck.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:34:21 PM): Now that I am aware of the situation, I will definitely reach out the team raise this concern. We will keep you updated via email as soon as we hear back. You can also send your feedback or concern to this link so they can check

Me (1/27/2021, 5:37:12 PM): I will try and fill out that form and hopefully I can get some answers to the future state. I just bought two Hero 9's with the understanding that they had ProTune.... and they did, until POOF!

Me (1/27/2021, 5:37:22 PM): Thank you for the information.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:37:54 PM): I personally apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, Robbie. If I were in your position, I think I’d feel just as you do. There still ProTune on the camera itself but not on the App.

Edna (1/27/2021, 5:38:17 PM): You are very much welcome, Robbie. We will keep you posted if there is any changes.

Me (1/27/2021, 5:39:27 PM): I am aware... but the nature of my work is time laps in situations where the camera cannot be disturbed once set, but sometimes I have to pause and adjust settings throughout the process. Thank you again for your time.

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Re: ProTune App Removal: The Dirty Secret and the Consequences.

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I just found out as well.  Not happy 

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Re: ProTune App Removal: The Dirty Secret and the Consequences.

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It took *effort* to remove this already working feature. It should be trivial to revert back to the last working build.

Short gopro.