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Preview not showingve view

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My mobile app updated. Now, in my preview, when I start video recording, I can no longer see what my camera
Is filming live. I used to be able to "see" what my camera was recording as it recorded. Now, I cannot.
I see everything fine in preview but when I start the video, I lose the live view and get a blurred window instead. How can I get the live view
I used to have?
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Re: Preview not showingve view

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Hi @roym001


What camera are you using? 

GoPro Quik - Android (v8.0) currently does not support live preview while recording with all GoPro Cameras regardless of resolution/fps. We have a rapid fix coming very shortly!

See GoPro Quik: Live Preview While Recording for reference.






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Re: Preview not showingve view

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Argh.  Frustrating.   When is the fix due? 


Using GoPro 8 Black