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Pixel 3 Android app

Hi all.
Planning on buying a new GP7.
Just reading the reviews on the Playstore and sounds like the phone and camera don't connect well.
Am I going to have problems or does it link up nicely? Does the app not work properly with Android?
I still have time to switch to an IPhone as phone is brand new and I still have a week to change phones if I like.
Thank you for your input.
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Re: Pixel 3 Android app

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Hi @revyriders,


Normally new mobile phones that meets the app requirements don't have an issue connecting the camera to the phone. 






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Re: Pixel 3 Android app

I have a Pixel 3 and Hero 7 Black. I am not able to retrieve content from the Hero 7 to the app even when I disconnect the phone from my home access point (wifi settings - forget the SSID). Pretty frustrating. I also was not able to update the camera firmware via the phone app. Had to download and install Quik for desktop to do that via USB cable. Unfortunately, Quick for desktop crashes every time I try to use it to create a "Quik" video edit. Uninstalled that POS after updating the camera firmware.


All in all pretty glitchy software behind the Hero 7!

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Re: Pixel 3 Android app

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @bdealva. If you have already updated to the latest version of the GoPro App (version 5.2.1 for Android, version 5.2.2 for iOS) , the media from the camera is stored within the app and not readily accessible on your phone's local gallery. You will need to import the media from the app to phone for you to be able to retrieve them. There are instructions here  on how to do it. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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Re: Pixel 3 Android app

I upgraded to a Pixel 3XL in Nov 2018 and which is currently using Android 8. Keep that date in mind because  I have now been trying to make a stable connection to my GoPro 5 Session since then with no success. I have tried every thing recommended on every forum and blog and it still is dodgy. Some times they connect, sometimes they do not. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for only a minute, or maybe just not at all. Just in the lap of the gods. Yes, I have all the latest firmwear and software updates installed. Fortunately I do not rely on the camera for my work, but I keep coming back to it periodically (usually when my band wants to do a concert recording) and I struggle for some hours to get it to connect and then eventually give up and get on with my life sans the gopro stress. Yesterday I brought a Samsung T290 A8 tablet (which is also running Android 8) to read newspapers when on the road and tried to install the GoPro App and connect to the Session 5 out of curiosity.  Low and behold it connected first time and looks stable. So it looks like I will run my GoPro Session 5 on an AUD$240 tablet not an AUD$1500 smart phone. Weird eh! 


So the answer to the question is that Pixel 3 and GoPro 5 Session do not connect happily.