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Official quick key does not work

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I use gopro 7 since september, bought with some acsesories including quick key which cirtanly worked fine out of the box, i like the idea of sirching the vids fast with fthe card reader, like the quality and even the carabiner. 

but after the update in october it stopped working, it was seweral updates after that - no chance! 
do u even test your product? 

the camera is good, key is fine the problem is obviously the poor app. I cannot understand what is difficult to fix the app? Or if it is some kind of impossible issue, give me an opportunity to download older version (i have not noticed any new things in newer version by the way)


please give me the solution, it is veeeeery  easy for a company as big as you!


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Re: Official quick key does not work

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If you're having issues with your Quik Key, our team at can do some troubleshooting with you.