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Not all of my photos are uploading to the cloud

I have my camera an automatic upload I have also tried manual upload. I just want my most recent pictures from my camera uploaded to my cloud how do I do that. Pressing the cloud button next to my camera in the app does not work
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Re: Not all of my photos are uploading to the cloud

Hi @alexisgrace876


Are getting any error when you press on the cloud button on the app?


Please try out the following: 


-Make sure that you are logged into the proper account. The Plus subscription is only assigned to one account, and make sure that you're logged in on that account. 

-Try to upload footage through the web gallery on to see if that footage shows up in the gallery. 

-Is the option to upload media to the cloud checked on the settings for Quik for Desktop? If not, check the option and see if the recent pictures will upload. 


If the issue persists, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance. Yo can reach them here: