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No luck to connect the GoPro Hero 9 Black to iPhone 11

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needed help here.
I checked the various posts and hints but I cannot manage to connect teh GoPro to my iPhone.
That's a bit incredible because I could easily connect other devices via Bluetooth to the same iPhone in seconds... nevertheless, I tried both 2,4GHz and 5Ghz, Wireless obvioulsy on in the GoPro and piaring waiting for the Quick app to complete it.

In the iPhone the Local network is enbaled for the GoPro.

When I launch the paring, after sometimes it returns the message that the operation is not sucessful.
No idea what's to do do more... any hints ?
Without the pairing, I can't update the SW to 1.52 version... in fact I tried the the manual update via website does not work because the manual sw update webpage gets stuck as soon as I click the Next button on that page...
I need the 1.52 SW update to see if the problem I have with my GoPro disappears with the new SW: the problem is that when I take a video, the left half of it is recorded differently from teh rigt hlaf of it and what i can see, for exmaple in a blue sky, is two different blu colors, changing abruply exactly at the vertical middle of the left and right half... see attached picture.

In summary, I am pretty new for the GoPro world, but the starting is really not the best I could imagine:

1. video cut left and right parts clearly different (see attached picture)

2. no way to update the SW

3. no pairing


If anybody can help... thanks

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Re: No luck to connect the GoPro Hero 9 Black to iPhone 11

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Problem solved!


1. Camera FW update done manually, but I had to used MS Edge browser because Chrome got stuck along the update process
2. Once the FW has been updated to v. 1.52, the iPhone connected to the camera and the vertical split of colors shown in the picture above disappeared


Happy now!

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Re: No luck to connect the GoPro Hero 9 Black to iPhone 11

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@epicspirit5816, thanks for posting back with an update. Glad to hear that you were able to resolve it. Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!