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No direct save from camera to phone. Can't work: files take double space!

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3 years ago the app was not bad. I could download files from camera as human. For now I feel as a̶p̶p̶l̶e̶u̶s̶e̶r̶ monkey in a zoo.

I have 3 gb of free space. Video is 2 gb. I can't get it on my phone (to send on YouTube, telegram or just do anything), coz it saves to the gopro app and after I can't export it.

I have 50 videos and they take 25 gb. I have 35 gb of free space. I still can't get all of them on my phone and can't use them all. So i must send to phone few files, delete them from the app, send next files, delete again from the app. Wow, thanks, that's so convenient! What for should i overpay for camera if i am a stupid animal for company? I prefer to use Chinese cameras now, coz the quality is the same but they don't make me feel an idiot.

Add an option to choose how to save files. Hate you!
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Re: No direct save from camera to phone. Can't work: files take double space!

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@livelycres4636, the file first goes to the GoPro app's media folder but is up to 3x faster than before as it no longer needs to transcode your files. This new method of saving files comes with a few benefits including better/faster storage quality, live streaming directly to Facebook fan pages, permanent media storage for Quikstories, and others.


Anyhow, we appreciate your feedback on this and we are continuously working on improving the experience of our users. We'll have this forwarded to the team in charge.