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New gopro app quick

When I load videos from my gopro to the new app and trying to let Quick create a video it’s allways in 1:1. If i try to chance the ration to 16:9 it just puts Black bars at the top and bottom. If i then load the same video to the old Quick app there is no problem?

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Re: New gopro app quick

Hello @epicstorm33182. Thank you for the feedback. Which OS is your phone running on? Does it matter which video style you are use? Try Trimming on each clip and choose Manual (only for Android) to play the clip in full. Let us know if this makes any difference. Thanks!

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Re: New gopro app quick


Sorry about that, it's a known issue on GoPro App 6.0. When you save your video in format square when you open it all your media will be cropped in square even though you choose cinema format for your project.
This issue is fixed in the next update, hope you can be patient :)