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Re: New Quik App

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@dukky yes I have this same issue, what is going on
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Re: New Quik App

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Yes my mp3 files are downloaded on my iPhone files. Like I said I can view it on the old Quik app but not on the new Quik app that just came out this week. Have you tried with the new app?
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Re: New Quik App

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@eventlessdrop Does the landscape mode workaround fix this for you? It's annoying though because I quite often switch the aspect ratio to get different clips from a single 360 video

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Re: New Quik App

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Thanks - that's what I thought. That creates the most stupid workflow possible when dealing with lots of clips!

@mariustanya wrote:

Hello, @dj-nc. GPS stickers still cannot be added during edits. They will have to be added per clip, saved and exported then added as a clip with an overlay to your multi-clip story. 


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Re: New Quik App

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It’s sad they won’t bring it back they don’t care about us at all only money
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Re: New Quik App

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Ja ich bin auch massiv enttäsucht!

Nichts der User-Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der App wurde umgesetzt! Immer noch die gleichen Fehler bzw. fehelnden Funktionen wie vor mehr als einem Jahr!


- kein Landscape-Modus für ipad

- keine Möglichkeit die Export-Qualität selbst zu definieren bzw. einzustellen

- nachwievor ist das Export-Video qualitativ viel schlechter als die Input-Videos (Original-Videos). 4K 60FPS und auch die Bitrate sind richtig, die Videos sind aber deutlich unschärfer!

- Live-Fotos können noch immer nicht verwendet werden (Videos werden nicht importiert) - das konnte sogar die alte Quik App schon!

- Eigene Musik aus Apple Music kann noch immer nicht eingefügt werden (auch wenn man diese lokal auf das iphone/ipad lädt)!

- und jetzt muss man für quasi diesselbe schlechte App auch noch zahlen!


Es wäre so einfach gewesen:

Man hätte nur für die alte Quik App die Möglichkeit von 4K implementieren müssen und alles wäre gut gewesen!


Schade für das Image von GoPro, denn die Kameras sind wirklich toll!

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Re: New Quik App

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Try some other themes, only premium themes and settings require a subscription to save, there are some that you can use for free.

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Re: New Quik App

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Hi All,


I will try to reply as much as I can :)
8.1 is live on Android and should follow soon on iOS. Check it out and update when you can as it has lots of fixes.

@liamchad  @zont 
"Unfortunately I never use it for editing as it only exports at 1080p."

Currently here’s what you have when you export a multi-clip edit in GoPro App/Quik:

  • On Android it’s 1080p/60fps in output.
  • On iOS we take the resolution / FPS of the most media in your Story (so if you have a majority of 4K media, output will be 4K. If your media are 50FPS > output will be 50FPS)

iOS is technically more performant. The encoder performance and quality provided by the Android devices isn't as good so you won't have the same results on Android.

Note that currently, the Team is working on an export quality settings options.

"Also needs to be able to add GPS stickers."
GPS stickers can be added on single video that have GPS data.
To have that in your Story. First SAVE TO PHONE then take the media from the phone, we do want to change that in the future as this isn't convenient. We are aware of this.

Removed Live Photo support on iPhone > yes for now but we will address this to add support again.
To save the video, you need a subscription > yes, we now have a subscription model. However if you do own a GoPro, pair it with the app and you can save unlimited Stories without the Premium features. (premium styles, filters, music, speed segments)

Landscape support editing

> yes isn't for just yet, sorry about that.

@rakaunis @adroitstok2833 
Live Streaming RTMP HERO7

> We have a ticket for the issue and the Team is checking it 

@dukky  @eventlessdrop 
crash on Android with the new app when reframing 360/Max content

> We have some crash fixes on 360 editing in update 8.1. Can you check on this update if you still experience this crash?

To add your own music:

In the Music screen tap not the blue + button. You will find the "GoPro Music" and "My Music" tag. 

There you will see all songs that are stored locally on your device. 

The best way is to prepare a Playlist of your music in iTunes/Music then you plug your phone to your computer and synchronise your phone choosing this playlist so all tracks can be found in your device and can be used to make a Story in GoPro App. 



- no landscape mode for ipad

>>> Yes not yet, we are aware, we want to take care of it but we don't have enough resources and time to make it happen for now

- No possibility to define or adjust the export quality yourself

>>> we are currently working on this feature, so it's coming up next

- The quality of the export video is still much worse than that of the input videos (original videos). 4K 60FPS and also the bit rate are correct, but the videos are much more blurred!

>>> We will have a look to see what can be done to improve this, it will be done along the export setting feature I've mentioned above

- Live photos still cannot be used (videos are not imported) - even the old Quik app could!

>>> We know and we want to provide support, work on this is in progress

- My own music from Apple Music still cannot be inserted (even if you download it locally to the iphone / ipad)!

>>> We are aware that adding personal music on iOS is cumbersome, we do want to improve on that. Don't know when exactly.

- and now you have to pay for the same bad app!

>>> if you own a GoPro, you can make unlimited Stories as lons as you don't use the premium styles, filters, music. There are lots of other styles, music, filter to use. Also you can make your full video clip in slomo/fastmo it's not a paid feature, as long as you don't make segment, slomo/fastmo stays a free feature.

Protune - no change.


I think I've responded to all.

Don't hesitate to make a new post to report things to it's easier to keep track and answer.
Let me know how 8.1 goes (Android, but iOS is coming up soon as well)