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Re: New Capture App for iOS

Hey @larsk


Unfortunately I haven't received any word on a fix. My only suggestion would be to keep your eyes peeled for an update in the future that will hopefully address the problem. 

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Re: New Capture App for iOS

I have the same issue with the exposure value. These are my specs:

Hero 5 Session, Camera Version 02.00.00

Capture 3.3.1 (1472)

iOS 9.3.5

iPhone 4S

German language


In other forums the other people also got this problem, e.g. here:


This can't be a big deal to solve the problem, if the text string is to long, just make it shorter or rename it. Whoever is dealing with the ProTune settings should have enough expierence to understand what this means. My proposal is "Lichtwert", as documented in the german wiki:


But maybe even "EV" is just enough.


I guess many people are expecting GoPro to find a solution asap.


Kind regards



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Re: New Capture App for iOS

Hi i have the latest capture app and Firmware for my Gopro Hero 5 Session. I´m using an iphone 5 in German language with the newest FW as well. The Protune exposure compensation control is still useless. There are only 3 values selectable. (-2.0, +1.0, +2.0).


Please Fix this! This is a pain and Protune for me absolute useless!!!

Please keep us updatet! And if the only cause is the length of the word "Belichtungskorrektur" Is to long then use "EV" I think for those using Proutne will undestand EV as an abbreviation.





Greeting Ralf

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Re: New Capture App for iOS

Hi, @mattb. It's very sad that in the latest update v3.3.2 from 3thd May the problem still didn't solved. 


I can't use Ptotune on my gopro4 on Iphone6 with Capture App from November. I can't imagine how this could be. 


You are the only hope for the people with german system language on iOS.


Make Gopro app great again! Thx.

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Re: New Capture App for iOS

Now it is fixed Smiley LOL Now the EV setting is completely gone for the Hero4 Session, although the app is now in english. No problem anymore. App uninstalled and installed a brilliant, free of charge alternate app from the AppStore. (the one with the red icon...) I can´t believe, that it is so hard for an app developer to change the label of one simple control from "Belichtungskorrektur" to just "EV".