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New App is Completely unusable - referred for App Store

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I have been using Quik, Splice & about 10 other Video apps and have made hundereds of videos over the years...& Quik was always my very favorite.... so I was so excited to get thye new one, BUT unfortualteoy it is by far the worst video app I have ever used, I have yet to even be able tyo make a video its so terrible, please bring back the old app its a million times better. Dont fix what isnt broiken becasue this "new" one is VERY broken. Giant disappointment. What happened?? 

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Re: New App is Completely unusable - referred for App Store

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Hi @brianf387


Can you please share some more details as to what is not working?

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Re: New App is Completely unusable - referred for App Store

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Sorry about that, as @aragon1006 it would be best if you explain the issues you are facing, that way if we can identify some bugs we will be able to fix them.
Know that the team is logging crashes so when your app crashes - we have a recovery system in place so your edit isn't lost and the crashes are tracked so we can fix them.
The previous Quik app hasn't been maintained and hasn't evolved in over two years now, the new one is being updated every two weeks. We have some cool updates coming up, trying to improve the app as we go.