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New App Missing Features - Quik Key - Quikstories, File Saves, etc

I have found between the old version of the app, and the new version, the following features are now missing:


1) The quik key is no longer recognized by the new built-in video editior (I belive titled 'quickstories'). My video files are too large to copy to my phone memory and I was used to cutting edits using the quik key with the previous version. As an example, if I have 12X 3 minute videos, which I want to pull small parts from this would be 10+ gb of space taken. The former quik app worked fantastically well with the quik key. Please advise if this feature removal was intended or if this is perhaps specific to my hardware (phone).


2) The new app saves all transfers to internal memory, 'within' the app. To make use of the footage (sharing, posting, etc) I then have to make a second copy of the media locally on my phone, doubling my storage use. Perhaps this works ok for photos but video files are too large to be duplicating. Please make an option to save locally only when transferring files using the app, preferably with the option to save to internal phone memory or the phone's SD card.


3) Trimming/cutting files, adding highlights, and other post features are no longer available to be done on the quik key. I can only see a the screen grab feature now.


I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for reference.