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My GoPro app says “no media”

I have a GoPro 2018 and it recently has been saying in the app no media when I have recorded many videos. These videos show up in the GoPro and I can watch them but I can’t see them In the app. Does anyone know what’s up? Let me know thanks.
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Re: My GoPro app says “no media”

Hi @grayshore6377,

Thanks for reaching out. This seems odd. Did you download the files from your camera to the app? Or do you only have your camera connected to your mobile device and aren't able to see any media from the SD card through the app?

I'd like to gather a few details in order to get a better understanding on the situation.

  • If the files were downloaded to the app, browse through the GoPro App's media list and see if the recent media files are just dated incorrectly.
  • If so, is your GoPro camera's date setup correctly?
  • In the GoPro App's media tab, tap on the arrows icon at the top-left corner of the screen and select to sort the files by "Download Date." Are you able to see the contents you've recently downloaded?
  • Please provide your GoPro camera's model and firmware version installed.
  • What's the current GoPro App version installed?
  • What's the phone model used and mobile OS version?

Additionally, please attach a screenshot of the GoPro App's screen showing the issue so we can have a better look at what's going on.

Hoping to hear back from you.

Kind Regards,