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Multiple Camera Circular Array

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I'm wondering about a way to be able to capture content in a circular layout in which cameras are faced inwards towards a point of singularity. We're attempting to film some martial arts techniques with the ability to let the viewer move around the space to view the techniques and applications from any angle they desire. Essentially, we need to capture the exact same instance from different angles and be able to play it back with the option to move about the feed to view the techniques from the angle the viewer desires. Assuming this is possible with GoPro, what software will we require or will a web browser be sufficient for playback? 


As a part of a second application, we'd like to be able to apply this same technology to capture stills of parked automobiles one at a time that allows us to move about in a virtual space. 


Any chance this can be done with a GoPro configuration? Any details would be appreciated.