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Mobile Upload Failure

I have been having persistent mobile uload problems.  Icons indicate that my videos are queued. One after the other they begin to upload. After some time the uploading icon (cloud with arrow) disapears. There is no new icon (no cloud with check mark nor any cloud with an exclamaton point). When I check the cloud, some of the videos are there and some are not. The ones that do not appear in the cloud no longer queue for upload.  I've have waited for an hour and the status has not changed.  How do I resolve this?

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Re: Mobile Upload Failure

Hi @scottz5621,

Mobile Upload runs automatically in the background, and the process will pause and resume as your connection availability varies, until all files are safely uploaded. Successful uploads will briefly display a checkmark. If an item fails to upload, it will be marked with an error icon, and we’ll try the upload again when your device is in range.

By any chance, are you missing Chaptered videos (segmented files from long, continuous recording) on your Plus media library? Chaptered files are recommended to be uploaded via Auto Upload or Quik for Desktop.


Kind Regards,

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Re: Mobile Upload Failure

Ann, thank you for your response. It is helpful and it points towards a partial solution, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I was missing both chapter videos and raw footage that I downloaded from the camera to the mobile app on my iPhone.  I was able to address the raw footage by importing it through the Quik desktop app and then sharing it.


I am not quite sure how to implement your recommendation to upload chapter videos through the Quik desktop app in cases where I make the chapter videos using the GoPro app on my iPhone. When I make chapter videos on my iPhone, I only have two choices for saving the videos. I can save them to the GoPro app on my phone or to my photos on the phone. How would I then Import these to the desktop app to upload.  Similarly, how do you use auto upload to upload chapter videos?  Wouldn’t I have to be able to save the chapter videos to the memory card  in the camera in order to do this? For clarity, I assume that auto upload refers to uploads done from the camera; whereas, mobile upload refers to uploads done from the mobile app.  I do have my mobile app set for mobile upload. It always queues the chapter videos that I save to the app. It’s just that some upload  perfectly and others don’t.


Thanks again,



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Re: Mobile Upload Failure

Hello @scottz5621. The chaptered videos are automatically done in the camera when a certain file size is reached as in the case of a long recording. In order to upload such files to the cloud using Quik, the camera needs to be connected directly to the computer so Quik can detect the files. Once the files are imported to Quik, they will automatically be uploaded to the cloud for as longa s Quik is launched and the Cloud setting is set to "automatically upload media to the cloud" as in the image below:



Uploading through the camera as a hub (auto upload) and through Quik for desktop are the only ways that chaptered videos can be uploaded to the cloud. Hope this helps!