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Missing files results in automatically removing files!

If you load videos from sd card. And then remove sd card and open the project again in quik it will immediately remove those files without a second thought. So you will lose chance to save what you did.

Inserting a sd card again doesn't help.

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Re: Missing files results in automatically removing files!

Hello @niceoasis18233


Thank you for reaching out. You might have the "Automatically delete files after import" option checked on your Quik settings. You can opt out of this feature so you can have an option to delete the files whenever you want to do it. Are you missing some files? See if you can see them through the import location folder for your GoPro following the file path stated here: . Let us know how it goes. 


Best regards,



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Re: Missing files results in automatically removing files!

Hi @niceoasis18233

Sorry about that. When you're making a Quik video using media that are on a SD Card, the SD card has to be plugged in the whole time until video has been exported.

Quik doesn't copy the media on your device, it reads them from the SD Card so if you remove the SD card, Quik doesn't have access to the media anymore and cannot make the video.