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Losing my mind! GoPro MAX won't connect to app

Been trying for over 2 hours without a break to connect the app to control the camera. Will not work. It worked once yesterday (after around half an hour of trying), long enough to download the update, but that's it. It says it's connected to the camera, then when I try to enable preview or view media it says no devices found.


Tried turning everything (camera/phone/phone wifi and bluetooth/camera wireless connections) on and off repeatedly
Tried airplane mode
Tried deleting camera and setting up again
Tried changing WiFi band on camera
Tried 'forgetting' home WiFi network on phone
Tried connecting manually to camera WiFi, says the password is wrong
Tried 'forgetting' camera WiFi on phone, but can't do this as it wasn't remembered in the first place

Tried loading it up in video mode/photo mode/hero mode/360 mode...
Read every single troubleshooting article you have on your website and on the support forum, and tried every instruction I have found.


Really disappointed by the fact that this huge portion of being able to use the camera is impossible after spending nearly £400. What else can I try??? Frustration is massively exacerbated by how impossible it is to actually get hold of customer support!!


I have the GoPro MAX, phone is Huawei Honor 10. Phone, app, and MAX all have most recent updates.

Posts: 4

Re: Losing my mind! GoPro MAX won't connect to app

For anyone else experiencing this issue, it seems to connect fine is the app is completely closed on my phone (not open or running in the background), I go to the app connect screen on the gopro first, THEN open the app. If I have the app open first it doesn't work.