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Re: Live streaming not working on GoPro Hero 7 Black

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Hi @bonnied63485


You would need to disconnect from your camera first then reconnect to proceed with live stream.

You may try turning the Wi-Fi settings of your phone then relaunch the app and connect.


If it's still the same, try deleting the camera from the app, forget Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Then proceed with the pairing process again.


Let us know how it goes. 
You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through    


Hi dkvnt


See if resetting the camera to its factory settings will help.





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Re: Live streaming not working on GoPro Hero 7 Black

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Hi aragon1006,

Factory Reset did not help. Still same behavior.

Going trough the factory setting reminded mi of an another issue, where I cannot pair my app with camera using 5GHz WiFi band.

My phone of course works fine with 5GHz, as my home wifi network uses it.

Long story short:

1. Camera power on, android gopro app launch, camera add -> I can open gopro feed on the app, I can run LIve.

2. Once Live is finished I cannot launch it again.

3. Once I leave the app, I open it again, I cannot 'enter into the hero7' in the app, so no options, no feed (but I can see a blue icon next to the camera in the app).

4. I need to restart both camera and the app, so I can get into the camera in the gopro app, but cannot run live feed (Turn on Bluetooth to Stream live error, but the BT is on...).

5. I need to pair again the app with hero7, so I can run the live stream again...


GoPro Team, are you aware of the issue and are you looking into it?

Can we expect a fixed firmware/gopro app addressing this problem?

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Re: Live streaming not working on GoPro Hero 7 Black

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Thanks for trying. @dkvnt

Before referring you to our Support Team, kindly check if re-flashing the software will make a difference.

Please refer to


If it's still the same, please reach out to our Support Team.
They are available by phone or chat.