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List of phones that can connect to a gopro wifi and still uses mobile data for internet

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There are couple of phones that can do it.

It would be nice to have a list, because it is not something you can find on the phone specs.

I'm an android user so I can't talk for iphone, but I think iPhones can do it.

I have an LGV30 and it can do it, as soon as it detects that the wifi it is connected to has no internet connection, it ask me if i want to use mobile data, while staying connected to the wifi.

I also have a huawei P30 Pro, and this is not an option, as soon as I connect to the gopro, no more internet on my phone.


Can people list the phone they've use that have this functionability

Also why not list the phones that we know for sure doesn't have this functionability


Can do it:

LG V30


Can't do it

Huawei P30 Pro


That can help others choose their phone knowing if it can or not.