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Latest Version of GoPro App not working with Fusion

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I upgraded my GoPro App for Android on Jan 13th.  I could still connect, access and control my 2 GoPro Fusions and my GoPro Hero 6 Black via the app.  However when I tried to download a photo from the GoPro Fusion, the app just refused to work.  I would select a clip, then select the photo icon.  At which stage it would bring me to the next screen with the download button, it would act like it downloaded the photo.  However when I went into the media section of the GoPro app and selected "Local" the photo was not there.  I tried to also download a 33 second video clip from the Fusion and no luck.  It would act like it was transferring the clip (with the 1:30 remaining transfer status) but then after about a minute it would kick me back out to the part where you select the section of the clip to download.  I would again check the "local" section of the media in the GoPro app and it would be empty.  However I could download footage from the GoPro Hero 6 Black with no issues.  


I updated the GoPro Fusion with the latest (Beta) Firmware available today, but still no luck when it came to downloading photo's or video.


I went and uninstalled the GoPro app and reinstalled version 4.6.1 of the app.  Once I did this I was able to download photo's and video's from the Fusion easily.


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8.0.0.  


Is anyone else having this issue?  Is it a known issue by GoPro and is there going to be an update to the app soon that resolves this?

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Re: Latest Version of GoPro App not working with Fusion

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Hi @irishmanpdx


Thank you for sharing.

I was able to replicate the issue on an Android phone and an iPhone.

I have already raised this to the team in charge.


I'll get this thread updated once I have information.