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Is there a better app?

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I have a gopro session 5 black that I have been using for about a year. All I want to do is to start and stop recording and view the live screen once in a while to make sure it is pointed in the right direction using my mobile app. I am using this in an airplane to shoot videos while flying.But the app has never been reliable. The connection is flaky most of the time, and it spins the wheel for a more than a minute to connect. Most of the time it fails to connect. and i have to try a few times before a connection is established. The device I am using is a Motorola Moto G phone, but I have also tried with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with similar results.  When I minimize the app and come back later, it starts the connection from scratch again and it takes a long to re-establish. The camera has the latest firmware (verified using GoPro Quik desktop app), and the Android app is also up to date.  Obviously this is a problem when I am flying the airplane. Is there a better software for this? I don't need the editing capability of the GoPro App. I just need something to view the screen, and start and stop the recording. Please let me know if there is a better alternative.