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If MAX has auto upload it wont connect to tablet

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I'm finding that my new GoPro MAX doesn't connect to my phone or tablet if I have set it to auto upload, even if I turn off auto upload on the camera.

I am able to change the camera settings from the phone (google pixel 3) or tablet (samsung A8) but I can't view its media or preview its screen.

This seems to be because it becomes impossible to connect to the camera's wifi if it has previously had the auto upload setting applied. 

What should I do to correct this - factory reset remedies the situation but if I then reinstate my auto upload it becomes uncommunicative again.

I've tried to connect when the camera is not on the charger, and when it is.



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Re: If MAX has auto upload it wont connect to tablet

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Hi @chriss6068


What SD card are you using? What version is the camera on?

Do you have the latest version of the app?

To clarify, you are not able to access the Media on the camera through the app when auto-upload is set up?