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How to change storage location and finalize the video project

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Quik Go Pro (updated to the latest version) is a nice software for editing GoPro videos in a simple way, but I have a problem. I have a long video project (48 min.), which consists of several GoPro files put in correct order, trimmed, added several pictures with a text, but I cannot finalize the project, because when saving the project my tablet (Android 10, 64 GB internal memory and around 17 GB free space) runs out of free space at around 78% of finished process (previously it stopped at around 68% and then I free up some internal memory, but I cannot free up more because Quik Go Pro uses 23+ GB of data itself. What is the location of these data files on Android internal memory?). I inserted 512 GB SD with a lot of free space in the tablet, but it does not help as I cannot change the location where the app stores data. For other apps I can do it. I go to Android Settings -> Apps -> Select the app -> Storage and then there appears button for Storage used - "Change" -> Change storage location - Option1: Internal shared location or Option 2: SD card.
Are there any ways to solve this problem? I do not want to lose all my work ... I spent several hours creating this project. :(
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Re: How to change storage location and finalize the video project

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Hi @hardysurf18447



There is no option to automatically have content saved to your SD card.

You will have to manually select the files on the app you'd like to move to your phone then the SD card each time.

You may also check GoPro Quik: How to View, Copy, and Delete Media


Using 3rd party app is also another option.





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Re: How to change storage location and finalize the video project

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Hi @hardysurf18447

So I'm very sorry about your troubles but it seems like you've hit a bit of a major problem here.
Quik GoPro cannot access / write on any other SD Card, it only access the phone internal memory. This is a technical issue that we cannot change for now.
The project you are trying to make is HUGE. The concept of Story is more thought for shorter video edits - since the idea is to use the length of one song. Such a big video has many chances of not being created for many reasons - either the phone can't handle it, or space issues or else. I personally never made a video longer than 6/7 minutes.
In your case you don't have much choice then either make space on your tablet or make a shorter video project. :(
If I were you I would make several shorter videos, rather than one big. That way you can delete elements as you go to manage the space problem.
I'm very sorry about that