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How do I setup slomo playback for HiLights correctly in Quick for iOS?

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I wish to slomo HiLights in Quick for iOS.

If I define HiLights in my video and set the playback speed to slow motion the actual HiLights (previously covered 3-4 seconds of the video) will only be shown for may be 1/2 of a second later on when I play the video. 


How can I define the HiLights to cover more length of the video if the play back speed of the video set to be in slomotion mode?


One solution I found is to crop the video in manual mode.

The problem then is, videos with a length of 5 minutes cannot be cropped down to lets say 4-6 seconds.


Any Ideas?




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Re: How do I setup slomo playback for HiLights correctly in Quick for iOS?


Sorry about that but the feature HiLight as Slomo is only available on Android for now :( But we would like to have it on iOS in the future as well.
It's also not possible to manually define the duration of your HiLights. Here some tricks to help you with that.
Put two HiLights next to each other (as near as possible) they should merge.
If you really want a particular duration then do MANUAL trim.
Choose a longer song. Duration of HiLights is defined by how much time can be dedicated for each HiLights, the longer the songs, the longer the HiLights. I don't know if you have a long project, lots of media and maybe a short song?


Hope it helps.