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Hero 9 - Recently Purchased - Updates Taking Forever

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I recently recieved a GoPro Hero 9 from my boyfriend as a 22nd birthday present. I adore this camera, but the updates seem endless (from a time perspective). I have great wifi and follow all the instructions (do not leave the app, do not mess with the camera, etc) and patiently wait for the update to conclude. However, there have been 3 instances where I have waited for 2+ hours and needed to manually stop the update so I could use my phone again. 


I'm terrified of hurting the software in the camera by manually stopping it, but I don't know how to fix this issue. Why is the update taking more than 2 hours? Is this a common issue, or is there something wrong with my camera?





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Re: Hero 9 - Recently Purchased - Updates Taking Forever

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Hi @miccloyd


Sorry for any trouble caused.

It will be best to complete the update manually.

Please follow the steps on


Let us know how it goes.