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Hero 7 livestream youtube random stop

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I bought the Hero 7 for streaming a company event to youtube. It works but it stops at some seemingly random time.


I am not sure if the problem is youtube or gopro related. First I assumed it is due to youtube as it stopped livestreaming twice at a duration of 1 hour 3minutes. However I tested it again this morning and the livestream stopped working at 33minutes.


My setup:

The Hero 7 is run without battery and the power supply plugged in so I can stream for more than the approx. 1h20 min which I reached with a full battery. It is connected to a WIFI from a Fritzbox router and I stream to an rtmp url which I set up on youtube using 'stream now'.


It would be great if you could help me. I currently do not know how to proceed other than doing more tests. It is definitely not an option for the livestream to suddenly break down.



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Re: Hero 7 livestream youtube random stop

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I guess it's a common issue, as I've seen it on Reddit too. Hope it's just a Youtube related problem. Cause I was planning to choose Hero 7 due to its positive reviews. I don't have a GoPro but hope to get one to mount on the front of a bike (cargo bicycle) to record discussions among me and the travelers (to write my project on Psychology - projects on communication and reactions).

The microphone is the most critical maybe for me. Will I have the capacity to keep away from wind clamor and hear the discussion between individuals on a bike? What are your considerations on its quality in the Hero 7?

Update: what about the livestreaming feature on Facebook?