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Hero 7 Black posting on instagram

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Hi guys, what settings or tips you recomment to get maximum results on instagram with my hero 7 black.
for example what settings shall i use to shoot my photos and group selfies and when i post them on instagram i get the maximum space on the screen and good results?and what are the best resolution and FOV for posting videos on instagram?
Is it better to shoot RAW,protune ON, or JPEG?
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Re: Hero 7 Black posting on instagram

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If you want to edit the photos on your computer and have Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, then shooting your photos in RAW is best. If you just want to shoot and post directly from your phone, then SuperPhoto is generally the best option. Protune works great if you want more control over shutter speed, ISO, and White Balance, but you should have pretty good knowledge of how to use and the resulting effects of these settings before making changes.

If you have an app like Snapseed, then you can get pretty good results color grading photos taken with these settings:
Shutter: Auto
EV: -0.5
ISO MIN: 100
ISO MAX: 400 (if you have very good light use 100)
WB: Auto generally works very good, but manually setting this or using Native gives you the most control (I prefer manually setting this)
Sharpness: Low (bring it up as needed when you edit)
Color: Flat

Linear is generally the best FOV for selfies as you won't get the distortion at the edges. I personally almost always use Wide and correct lens distortion in an editor, but this does take more work.

For group shots, burst or time lapse is usually a good idea. You end up with a lot of photos you don't need, but it helps make sure you can pick out the perfect photo.