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Re: Hero 6 + iphone X video sharing uploading fail

Yes I’m using theQuick app. Tried all options including the get link. New video get to 50% and freeze. Trying to share an existing video doesn’t get past 0%. Thanks.
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Re: Hero 6 + iphone X video sharing uploading fail

Hi @jamesk52168


Sorry about the issue you are having.

Other users (including myself) have experienced issues with sharing, sadly it's a very tricky problems since if we don't have logs (the iPhone is plugged into our debugger while doing the sharing) or if we can't reproduce on our end it's tough to find the exact problem.

Usually after some retries, later, the sharing does work.

My best advice would be to save to your device first, always. It's the most important, if you have the video on your device you know it's safe :) and you can try the sharing later. Worst case scenario you can share it some other ways, like using Dropbox. I know it's not ideal and I'm sorry about that :(

Advice I can give you for now: Try the sharing option again later, try with a test video with only 2/3 videos or 5 photos to see how that goes. Try a re-install (althouh I know you already did that), if you have a Plus account (disconnect and connect again)

I've had users with the same issue and re-install or trying sharing again later fixed the issue.


Sorry again.