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Hero 5 Black Won't Find Wifi network

As many who have posted here, I'm very frustrated. 


When setting up my 5 Black and trying to setup auto upload (I have a Plus subscription), the camera won't see any wifi networks through Capture, or even on the camera itself (when searching connections through the camera menus).  I've now spent an hour on the phone with customer support, and that went nowhere.  I understand she goes through a script for troubleshooting, but she clearly didn't understand the problem I'm having and couldn't come up with a solution.  I'm connected to Capture (though even that is unstable and requires a reboot fairly regularly), but I simply can't upload anything to my GoPro Plus account.  My multiple devices see multiple wifi networks, and my home network is quite strong.  I spent a fair number of pennies on our system, and we have very strong wifi, with a lot of bandwidth throughout our house, so I know the wifi network(s) are there, but when setting up through Capture, the camera is seeing none of them.  I'm NOT talking about the message in the wifi settings menu of my iPhone.  That's different, and my phone/iPad see the GoPro wifi "network," but when clicking the cloud button in Capture so as to set up auto upload, it never sees any networks.  I should say, it did once after about 20 tries, but that didn't stick.  Likewise, when I try the manual upload through the camera, it gets stuck on "Searching for new media," and never gets past that, I'm sure because it can't find a network for the upload.  


Im running IOS 10.3.2.


L'll help!!