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HUAWEI mate 20 Lite production error

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Hi there, 

I edited a video i took a month ago, while editing there was no issue on gopro app but i coulndt either download it to my phone or share it gets stuck at %0 at first then it keeps coming back to the editing screen after i choose download or share. Then i downloaded quik app and again everything was fine till i try to download, it says production error butnothing else. Could you please help?

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Re: HUAWEI mate 20 Lite production error

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Hello @graytree88400 . See if any of the suggestions below will help: 

  • Change the video style 
  • Modify a little something in your project 
  • Pause the preview to let it load 
  • Make your video a bit shorter  
  • Close, reopen the app and restart your device   
  • Free up memory by closing all other apps 
  • Free up space on your device (if the app crashes at 100% by a "save to photos" it's probably because you don't have enough space)
  • Update your device to the current operating system
  • Clear cache on the app through your phone's app settings. (Just clear cache, not data). 

We hope to hear back from you. Thanks!

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Re: HUAWEI mate 20 Lite production error

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Hey thanks For The advices i saw this answer before and tried all but even i try another really short version and restart everything it didnt Work :( also it seems like i have gopro plus but it doesnt Work when i try to use cloud.. It says to connect with go pro assistance.
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Re: HUAWEI mate 20 Lite production error

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Hi @graytree88400


It will be best to reach out to our Support Team to check on the issue further.

You may contact them by phone or chat through

Please let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken.





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Re: HUAWEI mate 20 Lite production error

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J'ai effectivement le même problème avec le même matériel (Gopro 7 black et Huawei Mate 20 Lite).

Aprés avoir suivi tout les conseils venant des sites support Gopro et réinitiallisé les parametres de mon smartphone (parametre usine), il m'est toujours pas possible d'enregistrer sur mon téléphone / partager mes montages vidéos réalisé dans l'application.

Cependant, en utilisant les même rushs sur un Huawei P20 Lite, je ne rencontre aucuns problèmes. Le problème est directement lié au modèl Mate 20.

J'attends avec beaucoup d'impatience une version corrigée de l'application qui me permettra d'exploiter mes rushs sans devoir changer de téléphone :p