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Gopro app video export issue

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For the first time i used the gopro app to make a video instead of using quik. I have tried to export to both the phone which stops rendering at 80% and goes no further. I have plenty of space plus 5 gigs and when intry the share feature it stops at 89% then goes no further. Is this a known issue or how can i fix if their is a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Gopro app video export issue

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Hi @kd7clq,


Can you try a shorter version of your file?

Or try to edit a new video with lower resolution just to test. 


If you don't want to edit a new video, try to remove some photos if you have a lot of photos in there. 


Next thing that we have to check is if the same file/compilation will be exported using other device. 




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Re: Gopro app video export issue

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I actually ended up doing that it would only work of it was under 60 seconds or a minute. Which would have been a bummer.

Ultimately, I was able to fix it if the file was less than 2 minutes when i totally uninstalled and re-installed it.