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Gopro app on android won't let me download videos from the cloud

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As the title says. I have a gopro plus subscription and my videos auto upload to the cloud. The videos are safely on the cloud and I can access them via my computer through a browser. But when I check the cloud tab on my app, it just shows me a bunch of errors. I see some icons with exclamation marks on them. When I click on it, I'm told to connect to the Internet. I am already connected to the Internet.

The solution to this would be to simply uninstall and reinstall my app, but if I were to do that I'll lose all my project files. Which brings me to my second complaint. How is it possible that there's no way to backup my project files on my phone? Does this mean if I change my phone I lose all my work editing everything?
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Re: Gopro app on android won't let me download videos from the cloud

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Hello, @cjx3711. Which phone are you using and which OS is it running on? Do you have the latest version of the app installed? Is your camera updated to the latest firmware? Have you been able to download media from the cloud before? See if signing out of and signing back into your account through the app makes a difference. 


To save your projects on the phone, you will have to export/save them from the Multi-Clip edit function. See How to Create A Multi-Clip Edit in the GoPro App for details.