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Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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Hi, I'm trying to render Max(version 1.4) 360 videos using the mobile app(version 6.7) on an Android 9 LG V40 with 6Gb Ram and 20Gb space available, once i download the 8min video from the camera to the app i trim it and save it as new video, after that, i try to reframe it but when rendering, the counter goes up to 100% then down to 50% and stays there.


I have reinstalled the app and cleared the cache several times, no luck, i have also recorded short videos for test, no luck.

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Re: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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HI @jubal07


I have tried this on a P30 and was able to trim the files

Was also able to render the videos after reframing.

Does the same happen if you trim and edit non-360 videos?

If you have access to another phone, please see if the same is observed.




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RE: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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저도 동일한 증상으로 어제 문의를 올렸습니다.


Galaxy S9+  RAM 6GB, 내장메모리는 256GB에 여유공간이 136GB인 상태입니다.

고프로 앱 버젼은 6.7이고,  렌더링 할 때 카운터가 100 %로 올라간 다음 50 %로 내려간 상태로 밤을 지세워도 그 상태 그대로입니다.

핸드폰 On-Off를 반복해도 마찬가지 상태입니다.

그래도 어제는 갑자기 되는 경우도 있었는데, 오늘은 아예 안되네요.


고프로 담당자께서 app cache를 지워보라고 해서 지워 봤는데 아무런 효과가 없었습니다.

기본적으로 고프로 앱이 cache를 많이 잡아 먹고 있네요. cache를 지우고 다시 앱 구동만 하고 확인해 봤더니 2.53GB 정도 차지하고 있습니다.  참고로 같은 폰에서 똑같은 방식으로 확인해 봤더니 Insta360 ONE R 앱은 cache가 92MB 정도입니다


Galaxy Note 10+, RAM12GB, 내장메모리는 512GB에 여유공간이 191GB인 다른 폰에서는 아무런 이상이 없이 rendering이 아주 신속하게 잘됩니다. 


참고로 rendering한 파일은 31초짜리 77.4MB의 용량입니다.


RAM 용량이 영향을 주는 것인지 궁금해지네요.



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RE: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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좀전에 테스트해보니 RAM 용량이 영향을 주는 것 같기도 합니다. (12GB인 경우에는 아주 빠르게 진행이 되었어요)


기존 앱을 삭제하고 새로 깔아서 해보니 진행이 되기도 합니다.



아래는 제가 질문한 페이지에 올렸던 제 답글과 문의 사항인데 참조하세요.


Thank you EJ for your quick response.


As your guides, I cleared app cache, and restarted my phone several times, but it didn't work.


When I did rendering with another phone (Galaxy Note 10+ 512GB model, 12GB RAM, 191GB space memory), there was no problem.


I found GoPro App required different cache depend on mobile phones. 


Now I am Trying to some test as below.


Firstly I deleted the existing GoPro App and reinstalled it. And I found the app cache is only 1MB in initial status.

And after download the same 360 file (7m28s, 1,12GB size) from GoPro Max, I checked the app cache as 15.9MB 

From that 360 file I tried rendeing again 31second, 77.4MB size file, Opps!!! it doesn't work.

And I could find the app caches as 95.16MB, even after cancel the rendering.

I tried rendering again ....WOW...It works. And now the app caches is 176MB.


(Pls understand I am writing this in real time during my test )


And now I am trying to make another 22second file, opps...again it doesn't work. and the cache is 234MB.

I am trying again, and it fails. After cancel the rendering, the cache size is 293MB.


After clearing the app cache as "0", I'm trying again. WOW it works... But the cache is 338MB.


I can't understand why this happen

(1) What's the key factor for working?

(2) Why the cache size is accumulated continuously, even after clearing?



Appreciated for your kind support in advance.

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Re: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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I apologize for my english. hope you can read and understand =)


I have same problem with rendering trimmed 360 video from gopro max.

actually, i can't save to new clip all of 360 video, but for Hero mode all work fine.

Its endless savind with 100%, like on screenshot.

Reframing render works good


this problem appeared after some update of GoPro app or android. before all work fine.


My configuration:

Xiaomi MI 9T,

android 10 QKQ1. 190825.002 

MIUI Global 11.0.4 (QFJEUXM)


GoPro App 6.7

GoPro MAX H19.


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Re: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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same issue here.. im using oneplus 7pro. with 8gb ram 256rom 180gbfree.. android 10. gopro 6.7.. when im try to render about only 3secs of my video.. its says there is a problem.. this the first time im using a gopro.. -_- what a disaapointment.. first i got a problem connecting my phone to gopromax. now i solved the issue.. then this render came -_- please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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What I don't understand is why I was able to render a video on Feb 24th and then all of a sudden I'm not. Its the same issue going to 100% then it drops back to 50% indefinitely. Why is this all of a sudden happening when it worked fine a little over a week ago!!??
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Re: Gopro App 360 Render Issue

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I am having same issue and started similar time to everyone else. Tried everything. What's strange is, if I wait a few hours, sometimes I can render a short video then do a few long ones, then bam, can't do any again. Android xz2 plenty of space.