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Gopro 7 black connect to app is awful

I've tried everything, read through all the support and a the threads and all the suggestions, I've connected to my phone once for 10 seconds in four hours of trying to connect to the android gopro app, it's just painful as an experience. I have a Sony a7iii and a Canon 6d, I'm used to app connection with both of these but connecting the 7 black to the gopro app is just dreadful. Wifi off WiFi on Bluetooth off Bluetooth o. 5ghz 2ghz reset connection settings remember device forget device connect manually update firmware uninstall app reinstall app pairing successful shown on gopro screen while the phone still shows the circles of doom aimlessly spinning around try again try again get support connecting to your gopro is quick and simple change the name leave the name the same delete device reconnect device over and over and over in every conceivable order: painful tedious soul destroying unuseable

All tips welcome thank you in advance
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Re: Gopro 7 black connect to app is awful

I feel ur pain.... I tried for hours days trying to get live stream to work. Started 1st with Best Buy to help. They even opened another Limited 7 and still did not work. I called go pro 😩 no help. After 40 minutes on phone dude told me to click airplane mode. You know how that went. Even went to Verizon thinking maybe firmware was issue. Wasted 30 min wait. Called Apple. They seemed most willing and helpful for it being a third party but in the end after they saw it was not an Apple issue I’m still out of luck. I have a go pro 4 already so that’s all I need. I wanted to face book live my rides but since it does not connect, “ I NEEDS MY MONEY BACK “
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Re: Gopro 7 black connect to app is awful

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Hello @agilewater60 @muddbuddha88


Have you tested to pair your cameras to a different phone model?

Have you tried connecting to a different network

This is just to help isolate the issue.


I have just tested an S8, an iPhone8, and a P9 and was able to live stream successfully.


Are you able to do a screen recording of the attempt to live stream?








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Re: Gopro 7 black connect to app is awful

I'm having similar app issues. Finds camera without issue however it now won't connect. I've done as advised reset connections then finds my camera, but will just not connect, it worked fine yesterday until I tried to download media and everything just went south. I'm completely new to gopro 7 black so it's quite possible it's me.... This is the second time it's happened the first was after the cameras update then everything was fine until yesterday. I think the ap updated as well so now really unsure what to do. Just to add my phone it old tech so I know now hevc is an issue but I just wanted the app to turn on off camera live view as that works.... Due phone upgrade soon thankfully.