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GoPro fusion

I recently purchased a GoPro fusion and was super stoked to share the footage off of it. unfortunately I can’t do anything with the footage as it won’t allow me to save it to my phone as a 360 image and it won’t allow me to share it to Facebook as it goes through the whole process and then says it failed would you like to try again with no error code.
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Re: GoPro fusion

Forgot to add also that I have tried resetting the camera and also deleting the iOS app and re downloading it as well with no success.
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Re: GoPro fusion

@nobleapex2022, sorry to hear about the trouble. Neither iOS nor Android media gallery applications (iOS Photos, etc) natively support the 360 media created by Fusion. Therefore, we cannot save content directly to the those applications. Content will be saved in the Local Media section of your GoPro App.

As for the Facebook sharing problem, we've shared the information to the team in charge. We'll keep everyone posted as soon as new information is available.

In the meantime, you may export your video through Fusion Studio on your computer and manually upload the 360 videos onto your Facebook. You can also utilize OverCapture and you should be able to share the clips from the app to Facebook.