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GoPro apps crash

Whenever I'm trying to save my edit it keeps on crashing when the save is at 72%.I tried to reduce the video and cut it to the minutes recommend for music however the issue is still the same.Hope we find solution on this phone is already updated and i have 128gb of memory.i dont know what to do anymore.please help.
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Re: GoPro apps crash


Sorry about that, there must be an issue with a particular media in your video


- Go back, Save your video
- Then kill the app completely, reboot your device.
- Open GoPro App, reopen the video, change something: I suggest you use the video style RAW + try with a new music
- Try to move around some media + delete one media (photo or video), then export again. 
- Consider the number of files you have / size and duration > long/big file tend to make the app crash
- Long process but try to be iterative when adding media, seems like you have a particular file / corrupt file that make the whole export stuck. If you manage to identify your media you can remove it.



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Re: GoPro apps crash

Also, know that we are working on update 6.2.3.