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GoPro Quik - Seemingly Ignores Hilights, Video Choppy When Editing

GoPro Hero 7 Black 01.61

Videos are recorded in 1080 at 120fps, HVEC + H.264

Samsung Note8 (Android 8.0.0)


I'm experiencing two problems, which are perhaps related (or not).


PROBLEM 1 // When Quik creates videos, it seems to ignore Hilights I've added. The segments Quik is choosing seem to be at random and skipping around the video. If by some chance it is using my Hilights, which I don't think it is, the clips around the Hilights don't "wrap" the Hilight like the documentation suggests it should (+/- 1 or 2 seconds from the Hilight point). The result is a random montage that is kind of cool looking, except that I never get a full shot of anything I want.


For example, I'm filming myself practing on a mini snowboard and want an entire 360 spin to appear in the video, which lasts about 1-2 seconds. I've been placing the Hilight close to the center of the spin, but I never get remotely close to the entire spin to show up in the Quik video.


PROBLEM 2 // Not knowing if this is just the random way Quik creates "artistic" interpretations, I try to edit to get the full shot I want. However, when I press Edit (the pencil) and then press Hilight to enter a scrubbable timeline of the video, the video playback is choppy. It may play a second of video then the video will freeze (the music nor the UI freezes, to be clear) before playing for a millisecond and then freezing again. If I scrub the timeline, the frame will usually update to where I am in the timeline, but the video will freeze again after a second.


What's weird to me is that the Quik video itself doesn't have any issue with playback other than it seems to ignore the Hilights. Playback in the GoPro app is fine and playback in the Samsung Gallery app is fine (although there's no slomo feature, but it plays at normal looking speed and scrubbing works fine).


** I tried to do a screen recording using the Google YouTube Gaming app, which apparently lets one record their screen and save it to YouTube for sharing, when I noticed MORE weirdness. When the Gaming app is recording the screen (it's some sort of overlay), the video plays almost perfectly (just a few stutters here and there)! When I closed the app to see if something just "fixed itself," the video went back to freezing up like before…


New to GoPro and absolutely LOVE the camera, but the software experience has been mediocre, at best.

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Re: GoPro Quik - Seemingly Ignores Hilights, Video Choppy When Editing

Hi @chrisjarzabek 

First off I would like to apologize for the delay... I had this window with your post open for a while, it was on my to-do to answer but didn't get to it fast enough, sorry for that :(


Point 1/
Currently HiLights' duration is managed automatically by Quik, basically you choose a point and Quik does its business by selection a bit before, a bit after. If you put two HL next to each other, there's a chance that they merge into a single one for example. The thing is that you can't define yourself the duration of the HiLight which I get it, can be frustrating. I see you're in 120fps so probably trying to get some cool slomo. It has been previsouly reported by user that in case of slomo the duration of the HiLight is particularly, usually, too short and you don't get to see the jump you were trying to show for ex.

One way that you have to increase duration of HiLight is to increase the lentgh of your video - that is choose a longer music. Longer music = longer video = more time for each HiLights. If you have a bunch bunch of clips and a 2min song then Quik will clearly shorten each HL to make everything fit. When I have a video with many asset and I feel that my HL are going too fast, I add a longer music so they will be longer. Maybe that tip can help.
Last course of action, manual trim to get the exact duration you want.

Know that we have plan to improve HiLights in the future :)


Point 2/

Choppy playback, I hear you. :( There's a known issue with Samsung / Galaxy phones and Quik. If you search a bit in the forum you will see that this topic has been brought up many times.

Samsung/Galaxy and Quik don't work well together. Reason is simple: Samsung puts a limit on the number of video decoder available (3) which isn't enough to decode simultaneously several videos (which is needed for transitions between videos) the higher the resolution of the video, the more decoders are needed. Because of this lack of available decoders you could get the choppy playback that you have.
Best course of action is to use lower resolution videos - 1080p or 720p but not above.

To this day, the problem is still open. We are facing a technical challenge, Quik is kinda of a heavy machine that requires strong device performance.


I don't know if you're aware of this but in the future Quik App & GoPro App will merge into one single app.

You don't have to own a GoPro to use it, it will still allow for other media than GoPro.

In this vast and huge project which is this "NewApp" we will be addressing this big issue to the best of our ability.

Also: know that GoPro has contacted Samsung to try to work things out on this video decoder limitation but it was inconclusive.


We welcome users to help us with this new project > in case you want to participate in the "NewApp beta/feedback":

STEP 1- Please sign up here:

STEP 2- When it's done, you can ask access to:
This group is to gather feedback/ideas/bug reports or share videos and tips with other user.


Hope my response helped a bit, even if I'm quite late!!! Sorry again!

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Re: GoPro Quik - Seemingly Ignores Hilights, Video Choppy When Editing

When editing clips, be sure to take advantage of the Manual Trim and Split options. You don't have to rely on highlights.

Speaking of highlights, I've noticed that when I apply highlights using the camera, these do not seem to be read by the Quik app.
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Re: GoPro Quik - Seemingly Ignores Hilights, Video Choppy When Editing



So normally: when you select your video, tap right there on the HiLight button, you sould see them and you have to select / validate them there. So not after the preview has started already, but before launching the preview. Let me know is that works?