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GoPro Max: Can't use app because of missing OpenGL ES 3.1

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Hi Team-GoPro!

just bought the GoPro Max, and installed the App on my Android 9 smartphone.


Now the app keeps telling me OpenGL ES 3.1 is not available. I guess this is somewhat expected; but I was wondering: Why can't I still use the app to control some of the features in "linear"/non-360 mode ?!

What I want: Start live streaming with the GoProMax. I think this should even be possible without the app.
At least introduce a possibility to the app so we will be able to control the non-360° features of the camera.

Or introduce the features directly in the camera.

Also: Mandatory registration to control the camera with a smartphone sucks.

I will test the cam in the next days, but we're off to a bumpy start already. If the cam's software is not meeting my expectations (e.g. editing on PC) I will return it within the next days again. It is simply too expensive to be so restrictive.

I also expect the webcam feature of the Max to work (in non-360 mode). Pitty this isn't available, and I really hope you will fix this soon!

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Re: GoPro Max: Can't use app because of missing OpenGL ES 3.1

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Hi @christianj08


What phone are you using?

Do you have the app on version 8.5?

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the OpenGL error?

Is the error showing only when attempting to do a live stream?




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Re: GoPro Max: Can't use app because of missing OpenGL ES 3.1

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Hi @aragon1006 


Thanks for replying. I just wanted to say sorry I didn't give the additional infomration earlier. I am a bit emotional, because I love the product and really want it to work with my workflow. So I was not as thorough with my report as I usually am.

Here is the additional information:
- I use a Fairphone 2 with the newest Android 9 update available.
- I have the Quik app freshly installed, so I guess this is the newest version: 8.5 (10710)

- Attached is the Screenshot (German). It translates to "360° not available. To use 360° media within the GoPro app you need a device that supports OpenGL ES 3.1 or later"
- The error appears as soon as I want to access my GoPro Max. I can not use any (!) feature of the App!

Minor detail: I don't have a SD card inserted into the camera, yet. I will test again after the ordered SD card arrives.

Additional information:
The cam itself ist set to linear mode. And all features that are directly available within the cam work as expected.

Only the app doesn't work at all, and I will de-install it, because it is basically useless at the moment. 

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Re: GoPro Max: Can't use app because of missing OpenGL ES 3.1

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Hi, @christianj08

GoPro MAX and Fusion are compatible with Android devices running Android 8.0, that supports OpenGL ES 3.1 or higher.
It seems your phone doesn't support it :(
Found this article, it seems it goes to 3.0 but not 3.1

While specific device implementations vary from one manufacturer to another, recommended device chipsets include:
- Kirin 980 and newer
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and newer
- Exynos 9810 and newer
Keep in mind that, particularly on Android, other factors present on the device can affect performance, even when recommended hardware requirements are met.
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Re: GoPro Max: Can't use app because of missing OpenGL ES 3.1

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Yes, I know about this requirement.


Nevertheless I want you to give the feedback: This is for many smartphone users not acceptable.

You reduce your own customer base, and most people will assume that the App is simply an optional feature.


A camera that is expensive, and requires a companion-app for all features to work properly, is a bad business decision.

Here's why: As soon as another competitor is available who provides similar features and does not require a companion app (with mandatory registration!) - GoPro will lose its edge.

I seriously consider Kandao QooCam 8K now, as it has all the features, but does not rely on the companion app.

Please bring this feedback to the powers that be.