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GoPro MAX Render Troubleshooting on Android App

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Hey all!


New MAX user and old GoPro user here.

I'm able to do keyframing/editing in the Max App, but cannot render video. I keep getting an error "Let's Try That Again. There was a problem rendering your video." Sometimes the App also crashes when I try to open it, and just quits on me.

I've cleared the cache, rebooted, reconnected the GoPro and changed name, tried another and smaller 360 video, tried less or none keyframmings... No results. 

Phone model is Huawei P40 Lite (JNY-LX1), Android Version 10.1, lots of free space, 6Gb RAM, Kirin 810 Processor...

Don't know what else to do, so I'd appreciate any sugestions you may have.


I'm definatively an App user, but I've tried editing in my PC, and I can export the videos, although I cannot reproduce the video while editing and keyframming, which makes the editing process almost impossible.


Thanks a lot in advance.

Cheers from Portugal.

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Re: GoPro MAX Render Troubleshooting on Android App

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Hi @iajorge,

Sorry about that.
MAX is a premium camera with high resolution video capabilities. This takes a lot of processing power to run on a phones video player and doesn’t always play nice with all phones. Even newer phones that might have older chipsets which is very common in Android can struggle with processing 5k video.

Have you tried shooting in 3k60 and then editing in the app? This is less processing intensive than the 5k video mode and is more likely to work with your phone.  3k is available in Fusion and MAX with firmware 1.5 or higher.

Please note GoPro does offer a free editing solution for 360 on Mac computers which you can use and install today.

We are currently working on a windows version of this which should be available soon. Let me know if you want to be added to the beta to get early access of this.

These are the hardware recommendations we have for Android users on app using 360 cameras.

Chipsets on phone:
Kirin 980 or newer
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or newer
Exynos 9810 or newer