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GoPro Hero 5 Black gauges won't save. Why not & my last video had no sound, odd

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I brought up my video in GoPro Quik and displayed the gauges I wanted to display and select save. But when I go to the files to play them the gauges don't display. But they display when I bring them up in GoPro Quik on my desktop. 

I have never had this issue before. There was a GoPro Quik update available that I loaded before I did it this time. 

Also for some reason my last video it began with sound for a short period but then went silent. All the video is there but no sound. I'm not sure why that happened. I haven't tried making another video to see if it was just a one time fluke or if it may still be happening. 

My main stumper is why my gauges display okay in GoProQuik and after I select save but then when I open the file the gauges don't display. 


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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Black gauges won't save. Why not & my last video had no sound, odd

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Hello @greenoasis40365


What SD card are you using?

Does the video play fine when played back on the camera?


Regarding the GPS, do you get the confirmation that the files are saved after the stickers/gauges are added?

On the Media Tab, do a right-click on the file then choose Show in Explorer.

Do you still see the gauges saved?

It will also be best if you can share your workflow or a screenshot of the issue.





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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Black gauges won't save. Why not & my last video had no sound, odd

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I can no longer open GoPro Quik on my laptop. It goes to the task bar, has a small blank white window if I hover over it. 
I've tried all the tricks they gave to resolve that issue, no help.

The thing that did work to get GoPro Quik on my laptop was creating a new user account. It's a pain having to switch over to a separate account to get it to work on the same PC. But it might work. I just haven't taken the time to mess with it all to see if my gauges save and work okay from the new user profile. 


As for the SD card in the GoPro it's the same one I've always used; SanDisk Ultra microSDHC card. The video plays fine from GoPro camera and from my files saved to the laptop. It just didn't save the gauges to the laptop. I remember clicking the "save" button but don't remember receiving a confirmation it saved. 

I took a break from messing with it. Maybe I'll get motivated and try to get it working. 

I was thinking about upgrading to a Hero 8 but I don't want to if the GoPro editing software won't work. Maybe GoPro has something else that replaces GoPro Quik for desktop on the later versions. 

So far, in limbo on whether the gauges will save. They might work okay from the new user profile I set up. I just haven't tried testing it yet.