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GoPro HERO8 doesn’t connect with GoPro app iOS

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I just had my first GoPro for 1 day and I am extremely frustrated with the connection to my GoPro app. It won’t let me connect and I tried literally EVERYTHING. On my IPhone 7:
1) I deleted the GoPro app and reinstalled it
2) I deleted the WiFi of my GoPro
3) I removed the Bluetooth and deleted the GoPro there
4) I deleted the HERO8 in the app

On my GoPro:
1) I did a factory reset
2) I reset the connection
3) I did the 8 Second reset thing and turned it off and on
4) I removed all the connection

1) recommends the same things. I have tried all
2) can’t reach support due to time being out of business hours
3) hard time finding an email address

Nothing works. Still not able to connect. Very frustrating first impression and experience with support the product and just everything ..
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Re: GoPro HERO8 doesn’t connect with GoPro app iOS

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@daringmesa075 - One other thing is to make sure that your camera's firmware is up to date. We recommend doing a manual update to get that done. Instructions on how to do a manual update are at Also, try toggling the wifi and bluetooth on your phone off and then back on as you begin to pair, and be sure that the GoPro app you're using on your phone is our latest version.


Our Support team doesn't provide support by email since that method often takes days of back and forth messages to get your issue solved, but we are available by chat or we can give you a call. If you go to, you can check out those options. We're available until 4pm PT today in the US.



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Re: GoPro HERO8 doesn’t connect with GoPro app iOS

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HI There, 


I am also having the same issue, I managed to connect initially and Hero 8 and my phone are both updated.


Now I get the similar error message. 


This is very dissapointing and frustrating to say the least. 


Kindly help and suggest. 


Malik Juned

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Re: GoPro HERO8 doesn’t connect with GoPro app iOS

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Hey Mate,

Imma pitch in here too: have you tried switching the camera from 5ghz to 2.4ghz under Camera's Connections screen?

Try and also be connected to the internet when connecting, you might need to do a firmware update, reason for which the app won't allow you to fully connect to the camera.

Let me know your results, i'm watching this.