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GoPro Fusion icons & file info -> unusable

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With the GoPro Fusion I'm getting a page with preview icons that are completely useless:

- all icons look the same and there's no way to update them (like in Studio)

- no image number or name

- no file date & TIME

- no mark for tghe last viewed video/image when returning to this page


When I open one image/video just to find out that its not the one that I wanted there's no way to find out which one I've just seen (except counting the rows 8-( )

Where was the software designer when this happened?



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Re: GoPro Fusion icons & file info -> unusable

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Hello @boldbeach60583


Very good observations you got there. Which iOS device are you using? Are the files already saved locally? 

Try using another compatible device and see if the media appears the same way. 

It would also be better to use Fusion Studio on a computer, if available. 

Let us know how it goes.