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GoPro Fusion file export on iOS

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Hi All,


I’ve had a Fusion for 6 weeks or so but whilst I love the camera, the software is not great.


Can anyone tell me how I export a stitched 360 file from Studio to a video editing app (I use LumaFusion).


Within the GoPro studio app export appears to be limited to YouTube (90sec) or Facebook (30sec). This is no good for me as I want to make much longer videos.


I don’t have a desktop PC, just an iPhone X and a 2017 iPad Pro.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: GoPro Fusion file export on iOS

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I would also like the ability to save/export stitched 360 video to the camera roll for editing in LumaFusion. I totally understand that the stitching in Fusion Studio desktop is so much better than the iOS app, but I'd still like to be able to get the 360 video into the camera roll.