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GoPro Cloud

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How can I upload my edits to the cloud? When I enter to my edits, I only have the option to save them to my mobile phone, but I do need to upload them in the cloud.

Also I have been trying several times to upload my pictures and videos from the GoPro App to the cloud, and is not uploading all the content. Can you please give instructions?

It should be as easy as choosing the option to do those two actions, but the app and the cloud are not that easy to use and to synchronize...
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Re: GoPro Cloud

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@hancookgopro, Mobile Upload runs automatically if the app is open in the background. The upload process will pause and resume as your connection availability varies until all of your original files are safely uploaded. For further details, see GoPro Subscription - Mobile Upload.


If you are logged in with your GoPro Subscription account, videos that are exported to your phone will be uploaded to the cloud automatically.