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GoPro Apps for Mobile
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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

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@nathaw0, you can reset your camera’s Wi-Fi settings following the instructions here: 


Then I have a few troubleshooting suggestions that will help: 

  1. Restart your mobile device. 
  2. Once your phone is back on, turn on/off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
  3. Delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device’s settings. 
  4. Remove your camera entry from the GoPro App's history. 
    • Android: Open GoPro App. Press and hold the image of the camera and delete the entry from your camera history. 
    • iOS: Open GoPro App. Tap the pencil icon in the top-left corner of the Camera menu page. Tap the red X icon to delete the camera entry from your app’s history. 
  5. Clear the cache for the GoPro app in your device's settings under the "Applications" section. 
  6. Kill the app and relaunch it. 
  7. On your GoPro camera, turn the Wi-Fi off and on. Then restart the camera. 
  8. Now, put the camera in pairing mode. 
  9. Open the GoPro App on your phone and tap the camera icon. The app will try to connect via Bluetooth and take you through the pairing process. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app. 
    • Note: Some phones and regions require the camera to be in a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, you may also try this out. 
  10. For future reconnections, just make sure that the camera’s Wi-Fi is on and you’ll be all set. 
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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

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Tengo un problema últimamente no puedo descargar o compartir los vídeos desde la app, los descargo de la camara a la app sin problema pero al momento de pasarlo al celular no avanza se queda en preparando tu vídeo y no descarga o comparte.. ¿ Que puedo hacer ?
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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

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I am having trouble getting my Media uploaded to my App. Had original camera on there no problems, all those photos are in the Cloud. Was replaced under warranty. I have the new camera "found" in the app, and get told Connection is successful. But after I hit "View Media" nothing happens.

 GoPro app - 7.3.2(10024)

Hero 9 Black

Samsung S9

Android 10


any help appreciated.




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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

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Hi @tilly2011


Does the same happen if you do it through the Contol camera option? Tap on the media icon on the lower left-hand side.

If it's still the same, try changing the camera's Wi-Fi Band. See Troubleshooting GoPro App Connectivity Issues


Let us know how it goes.




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Rif.: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

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dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento dell'app versione 7.3.2 non è più possibile cambiare i settaggi colore, bilanciamento ecc... In quanto possessore di una go pro hero 5 session vorrei capire come poter cambiare il protune dato che attualmente ho l'impostazione sul colore freddo. Ho un telefono iphone XR con sistema IOS versione 14.4. 


Spero in un ulteriore aggiornamento non così deludente Smiley Sad

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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide. iPhone 12 Pro issues

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I have an iPhone 12 Pro and the GoPro app is v7.3.2(4564), 

I have a GoPro Hero9 Black - brand new just out of box and trying to use.

I updated the software to 1.52


I took pix and video of a variety of sizes/lengths.


Sometimes the GoPro cant find the camera.

with a 128GB SD card, it cant connect the media, it keeps disconnecting and sometimes turning phone on and off

I reverted to a 64GB SD Cardc - identical to the web site compatible one.

The app can connect and control the phone and it finds the media.

However, the media thumbprints stay black - no viewable thumbprint.

It keeps calculating video size ( right now they are all 10 seconds or less) when trying to download - fails

I cant open and see the pix or videos on the app


I am sure i can see and copy them to my laptop as i did that with the 128GB card.


i am not sure if the camera is a lemon or if it was a mistake to upgrade and move from a GoPro 4 that i have had for years has worked excellently to the GoPro 9.  I like the features, but not if it cant download or let you see the media.


Please HELP!