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GoPro Apps for Mobile
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GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Having trouble with the GoPro App? We will gladly do everything we can to get you up and running with it. Be sure to include the following details in your post:


A brief description of the issue and what you have tried
GoPro App version
Camera model and firmware version (e.g. HERO8 Black v1.80)
Phone Model (e.g. iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8)
Mobile OS (e.g. iOS 13.1.2 or Android 9.0)



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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Buenas noches, hoy reinicie mi celular de fabrica y no he podido volcer a instalar la aplicacion gopro app, quick si me ha dejado pero no la aplicacion principal para aemparejar la camara.
Mi celular es su Samsung J6+, SO: Android 9; camara Hero 4 Silver, SO v05.00.
Adjunto capturas del celular
Screenshot_20191030-202118_Google Play Store.jpg
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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Hi @nachomari2505


Thanks for the information. Which country is your Playstore registered to?




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Betreff: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Warum wird dafür wieder ein neues Thema aufgemacht?

Es ist doch bekannt, das die GoPro mit dem neueren Betriebssysteme der Smartphone nicht kompatibel ist.

Manche funktionieren und manche nicht. Immer wieder wird gefragt.Das Problem ist doch seit Monaten bekannt.

Immer wieder wird nur vertröstet. Lassen Sie mal Erfolge zeigen. Das ist doch einfach nur noch lächerlich.


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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Recorded video is fine as viewed inside the GoPro app or on the camera, but all of my 360 footage that is exported from the app does this
A strange distorted square blocking all of the forward image.

iPhone 8 iOS 13.1.3
GoPro app 6.2.1
GoPro Max 1.3

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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide


Sorry about that, this issue has been solved in the next update 6.2.2 which has been submitted to the AppStore - so it's a matter of time now before you get it.

You can either wait or you can apply to be part of our beta testing community and you'll get it as a beta (and following betas) as you wish :)

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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Actually it seems to be very compatible now (ver 6.2.1) with both the latest version of iOS and Android 10. I have it working on both my wife's iPhone and iPad AND my Pixel 2XL and Pixel 4 Android 10 phones. If you are having a problem I can try to help since I have worked through some issues for the past month or so. Just post here the specifics and I will see if I can be helpful. 

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Re: GoPro Apps for Mobile Help Guide

Wow thanks :) Happy to read that it's working well for you! Thanks for sharing the good vibe ;)