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GoPro Apps - Timelapse and Quality

Hello, I was thinking about upgrading to GoPro Hero 8, but where has GoPro Studio gone!!!.... All we have now is the GoPro App and Quik. It used to be so easy to do Timelapse videos, for example, but I can't find that functionality anywhere in either the GoPro App or Quik. Things are a mess, you can export in Pro Resolution and at 1080p 60fps from the Quik mobile App but not from the GoPro mobile app !! Things are even stranger when you use the Mac version of Quik, it has different and less functionality than the Mobile Version!! GoPro is doing its cameras an injustice with the low quality files that are exported from the GoPro mobile app compared to the Quik app which still isn't perfect. What is going on....

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Re: GoPro Apps - Timelapse and Quality

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Hello @nicka


Thank you for the feedback, we'll have this shared with the team.


You may check out 3rd party applications you can use in this article.