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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Hi @mariustanya


We all know that we can transfer the videos onto our SD cards once they've been loaded onto the phone memory. That is not the issue.


The issue is...

Most phones don't have much internal memory as that is taken up by Apps. So loading a big video onto our phone can be an issue and if we move it to our SD card then Quik can no longer access it so it renders the Quik app useless


Please have a good read of the comments made by your users to get an understanding of the true issue here.


What we want is...

1. To be able to load videos directly from the camera to our external SD Card

2. Quik to be able to access our external SD cards so we can make Quik Vids


Kind regards,



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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Seriously.?? That was their answer.?? OMG.!

Smiley Sad

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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Gopro just needs to hire some competent programmers or maybe just someone who cares!
Love the camera, but the app and customer service are sub standard.
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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

It's not a great work-around, but here's how I was able to make videos with Quik, while having limited space on my internal phone memory.

1. On the physical GoPro4 camera, use the native clip editor which allows you to select a 5, 15, or 30 second clip to duplicate into a new, much smaller file.
2. Upload those smaller 'best of' highlight clips to your phone internal memory.
3. Then use the Quik app to compile those short clips into your short mini movie.

**This route still requires free space on your built in phone memory, however it's a lot less space needed when compared to downloading the original full length clips. Maybe this can help someone out there until GoPro gets their act together. Good lighting, and good luck!
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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Owner of 2 original Hero and 1 Hero3. Just bought a Hero6 Black and thanks to this incompetent and (not) designed feature of being unable to store video directly to a SD card, the Android software is useless to me. Just capture video and copy the files to my desktop to edit. Just like I have been doing for many, many years.  And to make it better, GOPRO IS NOT LISTENING. It's not a phone problem, it's a GoPro problem, and they don't care. They put more effort into the packaging then they did into the software and its' a shame. Maybe when they were a $80/share company they cared. But now, at $5/share, this is what WE get.


Thanks for advertising a feature set that the end user can't really use. You got me on this one, and I will do my best to tell everyone to stay away until it is fixed.


Awesome support. Not.

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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Just one sentence
Awesome cam with worst support.
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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

[ Edited ]

This company seems to be ran by Shareholder Donkeys and Sheeple,
They don't care about anything said here or causing concern for their existing client base.
They only cre about the unexpecting new customer.
Vote with your wallets.
STOP buying this company's products and watch the requested features make into their next flagship releases.



Upset at the customer ignorant.

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Re: GoPro Apps Storage Selection on Android

Do you have any status about this improvement? Android users really needs this function!