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GoPro App won't sync with Moto g6

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I have spent about 4 hours running thru updates and resetting everything possible. And I've had it, I'm not I terested in **bleep**ing running through all that again. Go pro you guys are **bleep**ing morons, I'm selling my piece of **bleep** GoPro and go with one of the competitions. Never again will I purchase your product and I will .ake sure and tell as many people as I can how pathetic your whole setup is... Get **bleep**ed 

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Re: GoPro App won't sync with Moto g6


Hi @graystorm05032


I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles pairing your camera with the app.

What camera are you using?

What is the version of the app installed on your phone?

What error message are you getting?

Have you tried pairing the camera to another phone to isolate the issue?


We'd like to help you out.

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