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GoPro App will not connect to Gopro Plus

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I tried to connect via app to GoPro plus my Hero7. Wirh iphone it is not possible... with ipad I get connection to GoPro Plus and then it is although displayed on cam.

But when I connect back to iphone i have to reset the connection and the connection to GoPro Plus is gone :(

Big in the app for iPhoneX ?
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Re: GoPro App will not connect to Gopro Plus

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Hello @redpike35431


Did you mean that you are not able to access your media from the cloud through GoPro App using your iPhoneX? When you mentioned that you have to reset the connection , does this mean that your camera is not automatically detected by the iPhoneX after being connected to a different mobile device? See if uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps. Please also check if the iPhone is automatically detected by the app after having been disconnected (that is, without the camera being connected to a different device). Let us now how it goes. 



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Re: GoPro App will not connect to Gopro Plus

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I am not able to connect the Hero to upload the media (auto upload).
Id did:
* Reset the camera
* Delete and re install the app
* romoved device from the wlan settings
* removed the device out of the BT settings
Behabiour is still the same

After connection to the ipad I was although not able to cennect the device via iPhone...

One comment:
I had a Session 5 before and I had no problems like this :(
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Re: GoPro App will not connect to Gopro Plus

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Hi @redpike35431


I am sorry if you're having issues setting Auto upload on your camera.

I have worked with similar situation and resetting the camera resolves it  most of the time.

Given that you have gone through the troubleshooting steps and it's still the same, I recommend contacting our Support Team to check on this further.

They are available via phone or chat.

Please let them know of the steps you have taken so far.